Tooth Crown Olympia

Customized Tooth Crowns in Olympia

Tooth Crown Olympia

Stillwater Dental Wellness Center delivers quality cosmetic dentistry you can rely on. With more than 25 years serving Olympia, Dr. Telloian offers tooth crowns that restore your smile and your confidence. Our dentist and staff have a personable, friendly approach. We know understanding the process can ease anxiety that often accompanies a trip to the dentist. We start your visit by getting to know you and helping you understand what will go into customizing your crown.

What is a crown or tooth caps

A dental crown is a cap that covers the natural tooth to improve its appearance. The crown encases the entire tooth above the gum line. Crowns are often used to restore the look of chipped, broken, or misshaped teeth. Dental crowns help create a natural, uniform appearance of your smile.

Porcelain Crowns

Many crowns restorations are fabricated using a metal lining covered with porcelain. These types of crowns are used because they are cost effective and easy to place in the mouth. They appear opaque because they do not let light pass through as a natural tooth does. There is often a dark or gray line next to the gum-line. Stillwater Dental Wellness Center provides exclusively all porcelain-bonded restorations. When properly placed, they are strong and have the natural appearance of a real tooth.

Call our friendly staff about your cosmetic dentistry needs. We are happy to schedule an appointment for a consultation.