Tooth Crown in Tumwater

When do you need a tooth crown?

When a standard dental filling isn’t enough, you’ve recently had a root canal, or your tooth is cracked or damaged, you might need a procedure to help make it look and function properly. If you’re worried about the condition of one or more teeth, come by Stillwater Dental Wellness Center. We do tooth crowns in Tumwater as well as any other dental procedures you may need to make your teeth look and feel great.

What is a tooth crown? A tooth crown, also known as a tooth cap, is a cover that is put over a tooth for protection and proper function. This cover can be made from several materials such as ceramic, porcelain, metal, or a combination of metal and another material. Crowns are custom built to each patient’s exact tooth shape and then permanently attached to the tooth. Crowns generally last for several years, and not only allow the tooth to work as it should, but often improve the appearance as well.


How can a dental crown help me?

Caps on teeth are unusual in that they not only hinder further decay and allow the tooth to work correctly, but are also a form of cosmetic dentistry. This means that having them can help in many ways, such as:

  • Tooth crown TumwaterSince crowns for teeth are an exact match, they can cover up dental implants while looking the same as the original tooth.
  • They can hold in place teeth that are worn down and fragile, allowing you to still keep the tooth and avoid an extraction.
  • If you have any teeth that are cracked, chipped, or discolored, a crown can help cover up these and other cosmetic issues.
  • Tooth caps can also protect baby teeth if a child has difficulty doing regular oral hygiene or the tooth becomes decayed.

Choose us for your crowns

When you choose us, you choose an experienced dentist who will get the job done right. While some dentists will use crowns that clearly look artificial, we only use porcelain on our procedures as we believe it gives the closest appearance to natural teeth and still provides all of the advantages of a dental crown. This same top-quality mindset is something we stand by for all of our dental procedures.

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We not only do tooth crowns, but can do cleanings, veneers, surgery, and even Invisalign Braces!