Family Dentistry in Olympia, WA

Dr. Jim Telloian | Stillwater Dental is a preferred general dentist in Olympia, Washington. Our office is where you will find a relaxed and friendly environment where your family can feel comfortable getting all your dental needs met. Our patients range in age from 6 months up to adults.
As your family dentist, Dr. Telloian believes that prevention, diagnosis, and treatment are the best way to maintain a healthy mouth and gums throughout a person's life. We recommend you visit your dentist at least twice yearly for regular check-ups. Daily oral hygiene of correct brushing and flossing will ensure your trips to the dentist are normal.
Children - Dentist in Olympia, WA
Dr. Jim Telloian | Stillwater Dental accepts most major insurance plans and will handle the insurance claims for procedures covered by your policy. To schedule a general dentist appointment, call our office at 360-352-0847. Ask about our payments plans.